Tradumi Translation Services

At Tradumi, we offer a spectrum of services that include written translation, audio-video transcription, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation

Notarized Translation

Our certified translators meticulously translate your documents, and our notary public attests to the accuracy of the content, providing you with legally recognized and reliable translations for official use.

Literary Translation

Our passionate translators capture the nuances, tone, and cultural essence of literary works, preserving the beauty of the original text while making it accessible to a global audience.

Medical Translation

Precision is crucial in medical translation. Our specialized medical translators understand the importance of accuracy in translating complex medical documents. We ensure that your medical content is translated with the greatest attention to detail and confidentiality.

Legal Translation

The team of legal experts and linguists ensures that legal documents, contracts, and agreements are translated accurately, preserving the legal nuances and ensuring compliance with the legal systems of different countries.

Technical Translation

In the world of technology and industry, clarity is key. We deliver precise and comprehensive translations, ensuring that your technical content is clear and consistent across linguistic landscapes.

Audio-Video Transcription

Transform spoken words into written form with our audio-video transcription services. Our skilled transcriptionists accurately transcribe audio and video content, creating a written record. We capture the spoken word with precision.

Consecutive Interpretation

Facilitate smooth communication in various settings with our consecutive interpretation services. Our skilled interpreters interpret one-on-one conversations, interviews, and small group discussions, ensuring that the flow of communication remains smooth and accurate.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Ideal for conferences, presentations, and large events, our interpreters work in tandem to provide immediate and accurate translations, allowing your audience to fully engage and understand the spoken content.

Assistance in Legal Procedures

Beyond linguistic solutions, we fully support your legal processes. Whether it's establishing companies, be it LLCs or Individual Entrepreneurships, offering guidance on essential documentation and procedures, facilitating marriage registrations, or communicating with various embassies. We will make your experience enjoyable and handle the complexities of legal procedures and bureaucracy on your behalf.